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Linux Kernel Information:

    * How to Compile Small Linux Kernel

    * Contains a set of documentation on how parts of the kernel work.

    * Signal 11 error while compiling the kernel

    * Linux source navagtor version 2.0.0

    * Linux Kernel HOWTO

    * A Pocket Guide to Rebuilding the Kernel

    * Mastodon Linux

    * How to Compile the Linux Kernel

    * From Power Up To Bash Prompt

    * The Linux Kernel

    * Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide

    * Linux Kernel By C.Browne

    * A book on the Linux kernel being written in "Open Source" form on SourceForge? , to be published by MacMillan?.

    * Conceptual Architecture of the Linux Kernel

    * Small Linux Kernels

    * An extremely minimal kernel reduced to its bear necessities (no networking, sockets, support for devices made after 1994..) Currently at 300kb kernel text (w/ FPU-emu) and 100kb BSS.

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