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Page for additional small Linux links

muLinux - muLinux is another one disk Linux system with files usable with Small Linux --

TINY Linux - a small distribution you can intall from floppies - supports X - easy installation --

From Power Up To Bash Prompt - A HOWTO for Building a Minimal Linux System from Source Code (aka Power to Bash Guide) --

BYLD - Build Your Linux Disk - How to build a single floppy linux distribution --

Linux From Scratch Book - Derived from the LFS HOWTO on building your own version of Linux from an installed distribution --

Linux From Scratch - Guidelines from TTS Linux Solutions on how to create your own Linux distribution --

4mb Laptop HOWTO - by Bruce Richardson How to put a "grown-up" Linux on a small-spec (4mb RAM, <=200mb hard disk) laptop. --

MobiliX Mobile Computers and Unix -- now available at

Ecology and Linux - The Ecology and Linux HOWTO page --

Hard-Disk-Upgrade - How to copy a Linux system from one disk to another. --

The Linux Installation HOWTO - This document describes how to obtain and install Linux software. It is the first document which a new Linux user should read to get started. --

Bootdisk-HOWTO - This document describes how to design and build boot/root diskettes for Linux. These disks can be used as rescue disks or to test new system components. --

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