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Small Linux and Plex86.

This page seeks to be a resource running Small Linux in a virtual machine

SmallPlex86Pics Three snapshots of Small Linux booting up under Plex86

Plex86 Debian Running Small Linux under the Debian package of Plex86

Small Linux Plex86 Steps in running new Small Linux versions under Plex86

[Plex86 documentation]? - Main site for Plex86

plex86.tar.gz A gzipped tar file of the Plex86 source used for these screen shots. You should get a newer version from the Plex86 cvs tree,

smalllinux050.tar.gz Download area on SourceForge? to get the Small Linux boot and root images

Plex86 conf file - Conf file used to boot Small Linux 0.5.0

Another Plex86 conf file - Another Conf file used to boot Small Linux 0.5.0

plex86.html - More information about booting Small Linux under Plex86

 Plex86 Small Linux

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